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Heinz-Peter Schepp - Foto-Kunst

Born:                                    Duisburg, 06.08.1960
Residence:                         Cologne

It all started quite innocently, with a Nikon FE2. That was back in 1984.
Since then it's become an obsession, an addiction. And I've become a
willing addict. My addiction involves searching constantly for unique moments,
one-of-a-kind images. Always inspired by street photography and the desire
to perhaps – one day – create pictures worthy of comparison
with those of Gyula Halász (Brassaï).

-- SicilyInSide (Solo-Exhibition Gangi, Sicily 2018)
-- ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 (Group-Exhibition during Armory Art Week, New York 2018)
-- It´s Liquid Labyrinth (Group-Exhibition Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice 2018)
-- KM-Stein 686 (Solo-Exhibition during 12th KalkKunst, Cologne, Germany 2016)
-- Cuba meets Germany „enCuentro“
(Solo-Exhibition Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 2016)
P-A-X (Exhibition Cologne, Germany 2015)
-- Loving Kenitra (Solo-Exhibition Townhall Kenitra, Morocco 2015)
-- Cuba meets Germany „coneXiones“ (Solo-Exhibition Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 2015)
-- Loving East Cuba
(Solo-Exhibition during Cuban Culture Day, Berlin, Germany 2014)
-- Sicily Affairs II (Solo-Exhibition during 10th KalkKunst, Cologne, Germany 2014) …